Google Cloud Computing Vs AWS


Google Cloud Computing Vs AWS

If you are working on the internet, then there is a good chance that you have heard of Google Cloud Platform. What is Google Cloud Platform exactly? If you are familiar with the internet and how websites work, or you are just starting to get acquainted with websites and how they work, then you already know what Google Cloud Platform is. Google Cloud Platform is the umbrella term that encompasses several different services from Google. These services can be used to create applications that run on the internet.

If you are not familiar with how Google Cloud Platform works, then it is time to get to know it. Google Cloud is a service that is used by many organizations. Some people may wonder what the big deal is about these services. After all, aren't website computing services like email services and search services the same thing? Yes, and no.

Difference between Google Cloud Solutions and AWS

As mentioned above, there are several differences between these two services. The first difference is the way in which these two companies offer private network services. While Google does offer a public network of servers where people can access their data, it uses a private network for this purpose. This is what sets Google cloud providers apart from other cloud providers. With these cloud providers, users are able to access data and programs in their own personal cloud, while using a public network of servers provided by the organization.

The other difference is in how the data is managed. With on-premises software development, an organization has a server that contains all of the applications and data. Once these data are on the server, it is managed by the IT staff and the software developers. In some cases, the IT staff may be part of the organization that is developing the software applications. When this happens, it means that someone has to maintain the server, manage the applications, and so forth.

Cloud Cloud Services

However, when one uses cloud services, they don't have to worry about any of these things. The organization simply deploys a cloud platform, which consists of servers and software, and then relies on their internal IT staff to maintain the servers and applications. This reduces IT costs significantly. It also reduces the amount of time that applications need to be deployed, since the applications can be deployed instantly.

Google cloud computing

One other difference between these two platforms is the pricing structure and the licensing options. Google cloud computing has a lower pricing structure than does the other cloud computing solutions. This is because the service provider does not have as much overhead to pay, so they can pass the savings along to customers.

When it comes to Google cloud services vs. Amazon's AWS, there are a few key differences. One key difference is that AWS offers a very high level of elasticity. With AWS, an application can be launched multiple times, with each instance reaping its own elastic load. This means that an application hosted on AWS can scale up and down depending on how heavy the load is at any given time. With Google compute engine, this is not possible.

In short, both these solutions can meet your needs as long as you have the necessary infrastructure in place. However, AWS has a leg up on Google cloud computing in terms of availability. If you need more flexibility in terms of the availability of the application and the ability to manage the servers and applications, then you would be better served to do business with AWS. Also, if you require higher storage volumes and higher bandwidth, then the chances are better that you will be satisfied with AWS. These are just a few reasons why many developers prefer to do business with AWS.


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