Employee Monitoring App - Travelize


Employee Monitoring App - Travelize

Get digitalized now in monitoring your Sales team by associating Employee Monitoring App -Travelize in your business routine. The application assists in monitoring real-time location using GPS, Remote attendance monitoring, manage travel claim expenses, automatically record distance traveled, and fetching work reports online to analyze employee work performance and to improve business productivity.


ID and password

Data hosted

Provision for hosting

Travel data history

Simple sign-up procedures

Data maintenance

Automated reports

Encrypted data log

Multi admin access


Online approvals

Single user, multi-rider operations

Reliable backend calculations

Mobile–Devoted App

Day to Day insights

Provision for additional analytics

Email notifications

Multi-rider handles

Available for:

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android

We have four different plans along with different features, these are: -

People- 100/- Per User/Month

Standard-400/- Per User/Month

Classic-500/- Per User/Month

Premium-700/- Per User/Month

For more about Sales management applications or Online Attendance Management systems visit us.


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