How Food Service India Is Changing The Indian Hospitality Industry With Its Advisory Services


How Food Service India is changing the Indian hospitality industry with its advisory services

The hospitality industry is one of the main contributing industries to the GDP of any country. In India the main contributors to the hospitality industry are the large hotel chains and restaurants. Thanks to companies like Food Service Design India the Indian hotels are managing their processes at much lower costs thus earning much greater revenue. Here we look into the details of how Food Service India is helping Operators provide cost-effective and better service to its customers.

The hospitality sector in India has always been one of the major contributors to the Indian economy. India attracts huge number of tourists every year due to its heritage and diversity and tourist attractions. Needless to say we Indians are also food lovers. With the entry of many international hotels & restaurant chains, the variety in food offerings has multiplied many folds.

But sometimes the Indian eateries lack design or thoughtful execution to reduce operating costs and attract more customers to grow their business.

The lack of a good Hospitality Consultant company would have hit the industry hard. But in the last two-and-a-half decades, the things have started changing mainly because of the emergence of a pan Indian consulting business firm. This business firm provides suggestions, advice, and strategies to improve the design of the 5-star kitchens and suggests better ways to change traditional ways to reduce costs.

Introducing the emergence of Food Service India in the scenario

Food Service India leading Facilities Planning Consultant provides advice to restaurant chains, corporate cafeterias, lounges, and hotels about the latest kitchen innovations that are aimed at reducing costs while leveraging technology to ease the process.

What started as a little business in 1994, has turned into a pan India corporate that provides consulting services to India's largest and famous hotels and business. Some of the clients of FSD India are Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Intercontinental Hotels, Marriot International, Holiday Inn, Taj Hotels, etc. There are also numerous other clients from hospitals, malls, clubs, schools, and institutions.

How is it helping turn the fortunes of the players in the hospitality industry?

Food Service India is helping the hotel chains by providing them with the best and unique solutions on how to redesign the kitchens by giving it a new look while also incorporating the latest trends. As a Leading Restaurant Consultant we are helping the businesses to convert their lobbies, kitchens, front of the house and other areas so that it attracts more customers. 

It is helping the clients by providing right type of cooking and refrigeration equipment. While looking into the design, it also focuses on providing fire & life safety features in the kitchens and on how to install automatic fire suppression systems, water supply systems, exhaust systems, supply air systems, air conditioning systems, LPG gas systems and lighting and power systems including UPS facility, etc.

About the company-

The founder of Food Service India is Sunil Khanna. He had worked with international clients in similar roles. Inspired by the opportunities in the food service design consultancy space, he started his own business in India in 1994.


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